Day 102 of 365 – A little T with your G?


The Perfect Gin and Tonic
2 oz gin
4-5 oz tonic
2 lime wedges

In a frozen collins glass, add the gin.
Fill the glass with ice, the larger the cubes are the better.
Squeeze in one of the lime wedges.
Add the tonic.
Squeeze in the second lime wedge, briefly stir.
Put you feet up, and drink.

You can apply this method of using quality, cold, carbonated and balanced ingredients to any highball cocktail: rum and coke, whiskey and ginger, dark and stormy, what have you. These two-ingredient drinks may seem like no-brainers, but a little scrupulousness goes a long way. Believe me, you’ll taste the difference. Cheers!

– Tom Macy – Cocktail bartender, and beverage     director and co-owner of Clover Club