Day 53 of 365 – Ode To A Cheeseburger


Cheeseburger, my cheeseburger,
O’ how I love thee.
Thy juicy, meaty flavor tells me:
“Take another bite.”

At first I think ‘no’;
But then I shout ‘YES!’
And I sniff your deliciousness,
Relishing your pickle relishy smell.

I listen to your warmth,
I hear you scream
You look at me; I look at you.

I then chomp down into you,
With your outer bun,
And your inner mustard and meat.
O’ and how could I forget the cheese?

O’ thou delicious cheese,
Eternal companion of the burger.
How thy cheesiness melts in my mouth.
Thy cheesiness and tastiness are too much!
I must take a sip of my Dr. Pepper!

I take my sip and see;
‘OH NO!’ there is only one bite left.
I stare at it relishing this moment,
I eat the last bite.

O’ cheeseburger you are now in my stomach;
I wish I still had you with me;
O’ my love, I will never forget your mouthwatering taste;
It was fun while it lasted…

Now where did I put those fries?]

– zachary.eller13